2. Juli 2022

From playing soccer with your hands over to a centuries-old graveyard

How the eleventh-graders explored Dublin.

By Aline Schleif

Even months before the departure, you could already feel the anticipation of the upcoming class trip. Dublin sounded big, loud and exciting to us eleventh-graders. And in retrospect, it definitely was!

On the 16th of May 2022 we arrived at our hostel in the heart of Dublin, right by the river Liffey. After we got some rest from the flight, it was time for us to finally explore the city. But who needs an expensive tour guide, when it’s the advanced-level English course that’s traveling? Therefore, we created our own sightseeing tour, which means every student prepared a small presentation for a different building, statue or street. This way, we got a great sense of orientation to stroll around on our own.

We found out even more about Irish culture and Dublin itself by visiting the Library of Trinity college, which is known for the hundreds of old books and statues, stored in giant shelves. Adding to that, we attended a guided tour around the centuries-old graveyard called Glasnevin Cemetery. But our trip showed us many different sides of Irish life, we did not only go there to look at old things! On our last day we learned some typical Gaelic Games only played in Ireland, which was the highlight for most of us. Playing soccer with your hands, traditional Irish hurling and handball combined with squash were on the agenda.

At 2:00 am on the 20th of May it was time for us to say goodbye to Dublin. Tired but joyful because of the memories we made, our class got to the airport, revising the trip in our heads and already missing the loud and colorful city.

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