6. Dezember 2023

Dear human beings

Taking on responsibility is a part of growing up – that is what teachers at Elbe-Gymnasium are trying to teach their students every day. When we look at the global challenges of today, we might have the impression that many grown-ups have never learned that lesson considering the speed and ferocity at which people are destroying the basis of the young generations’ future – our planet.

When invited to give their own political speech against climate change in front of international politicians at a fictitious upcoming Climate Week, a 12th-grader from Elbe-Gymnasium wrote this very personal statement to those in charge:


Dear politicians, dear human beings,

I am not here to speak as a politician – I do not even have the power to do so – but I am here to speak as a young philosopher and as a juvenile who is filled with a heartfelt dream:

I truly wish to be one day

an artist who makes art.

I wish to write what I must say

that changes reach your heart.


I’d love to paint the world I see

and write the things I feel.

For you, I’d pave the way to me

to look behind my peel.


So, I just hope I’ll live my dream

and do what I adore.

I truly wish to join that stream

which others joined before.

I am here to keep my dream from dying like the earth is dying right now. And I feel honored because it’s about your dream as well.

Dear politicians,

there is no doubt that the human beings caused the climate change. They, not we are destroying the basis of all life, but unfortunately, we live, too. And no one can tell me they didn’t know! Every single carbon dioxide molecule we emitted stands for our fault.

But I don’t intend to picture a complete catastrophe because I am still – at least a bit – optimistic when looking at our future. Even though it is hard to believe: Mankind has not only the power to cause problems but also the power to solve them. See: We can fix the issue that our economic markets are based on murdering nature, we can fix the issue that our stupid consumption continues to grow, we can fix the issue that we live harmfully because we can live beneficially. We should understand: It is not our fate that we will die, but it is our fortune that we can survive. We have many useful technologies, and we have solutions, but what is missing then? Our willingness to act! It is always easy to do nothing, but there is no more time for that. We must change our habits so that we have any at all. Instead, politicians and other responsible people look for excuses that defend our present lifestyle, a lifestyle that brought us the biggest crisis of all time.

Ask yourselves: Does it make any sense to refuse all reasons to change when they mean to save us? You are afraid of losing your beloved things when you transform the system, but the opposite will happen: If you don’t do anything, our current system will kill us, our beloved things, and our dreams. I am aware of the fact there are a lot of politicians who support a real transformation, nevertheless, there are many hindering forces that don’t. It is necessary to convince them – which is hard – but we have to try, as long as we live. I will try because my heartfelt dream is moving me.

Dear Politicians,

Some of you are in love with the economy, your money, political power, and even yourself, some of you are in love with your fellow men and family, too, and I understand that. But what are you waiting for then? For miracles? Doing nothing means losing it all! There is no way back to what you loved when you once decided to keep up business as usual. Be willing to transform our lives like others are! It is for you! So, behave selfishly if you can’t think of any other reasons to act, but act so that you can stay rich, and I can stay hopeful of becoming an artist. Thank you!

Lukas Quade


Foto: Pixabay

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